Blogging is one of the most effective ways to present yourself in business life. Therefore you should create your blog. For this, regularly write a piece for your customers, suppliers, and competing colleagues.You will find here five approaches for a corporate blog. Enough to make a good start and time being too forward in your business.


You follow developments in your area of expertise. Make sure your customers know that, too, by incorporating relevant, useful and valuable information in your blog. How useful the information you give, the more readers you will attract the greater the chance that they come back again.


Give your customers the feeling that they are aware of everything when they read your blog. Write posts with exclusive information and tips, including a major new release that is imminent, a price reduction or offer a special bonus for readers or subscribers to your blog. Ask clients or colleagues to write reviews about your products. People are more inclined to go for services or items if they are recommended by others than when they’re advertised. Use your blog as a tool to initiate mouth-to-mouth.


Involve your readers in your case by being open about what is going on. Do not, of course, have the discontent or gossip, but about positive events: Set new employees to tell about the implementation of the new automation, the new corporate identity, a new client that has chosen or a new packaging for your service.


Write blogs that address questions raised by the customers and invite them to comment on your articles with questions or opinions. By communicating directly with your customers, let them know that you appreciate them and their problems – To fix – or confusion. This is an excellent way to boost sales and generate customer loyalty. Furthermore, you create a sense of belonging, community, among the readers of your blog if you consistently respond.


Every word in a business blog is the company represents behind the blog. Therefore, the tone and the content must match the marketing message and communication strategy. It is also important for business blogger, you do not write too much about yourself, but mainly focuses on the case. On the other hand, if you are an entrepreneur, the personification of your business. In this case, it is important that customers recognize you, and a personal note or a personal tone may especially lack in the articles. So think in advance whether your blog will be more effective with a corporate tone, an impact whether a personal touch. Make a choice and hold in your blog posts.

A blog has to appeal to the reader, which tone you choose, remember not to write pure reporting, but if you enter a personal conversation with each of your readers. How do you build a relationship with them and increases the chance that they come back? And that your business blog is a success.

Author: Patsy Watson